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Another Loss of An American Freedom

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The United States of America was founded on the belief that America would be a free country.  Please allow me to ponder on the freedom of our country.  Smoking is no longer allowed in many places i.e. restaurants, movies, hotels etc.  In my opinion smoking is a disgusting, nasty, expensive, and unhealthy habit, and offensive to non smokers.  However, what's next?  Is Congress going to take our freedom away to smoke in our homes and cars?  That will come next, because the Democrats are on a head trip, (they are floating on their egos).  The Dems are pro for taxing non alcoholic sweet drinks.  You drink sugar drinks, you pay more for the drink you buy.  Consequently, bars will charge more for a soda.  You'll pay more at 7-11, Qu ick Trip, grocery stores, pharmacies etc for sweet drinks.  I know that sweetend drinks are not healthy  but shouldn't we be allowed to purchase these items if we want to drink them.  I don't need a bunch liberals telling me I have to pay more if I want a soda.  You see this is where we started losing our freedom.  Big Brother is watching.  There are traffic warning lights to report if we run a red light, or speed.  I understand that these so called precautions are put in place for  our safety.   If a driver wants to run a red light or speed they are not concerned with the warnings.  Point being no matter how many precautions are put in place it's the citizens who obey the laws are the ones who are being penalized.

In regard, the new Healthcare Reform.  Congress believes that a 2,000 page document of mish-mash is going to solve the healthcare crisis in this country and there is a healthcare crisis.  The feds have a huge budget shortfall, so what to they do.  They spend more money, and do it in the name of solving the crisis.  Citizens will be mandated to buy health insurance and if they choose not to  they will be fined.  (Smells like another freedom being taken away).

Team O'Bama promised "time to change."  I haven't seen any positive changes only more socialism.  The Dems are so diligently striving to destroy what this country was founded upon, that in turn they are destroying this country.  One vitally important issue that sickens me is that Congress seems to have forgotten about the military personnel that have lost lives defending this country, died to protect our freedom.  Freedom that made America the greatest nation in the world.  Did all those lives in die vain?  My belief has always been "if you want to live in this country then you need to fight for this country."  What incentive has Congress provided to our young people to love America?  Congress sends mixed messages, showing support for America during campaigning and then doing what they hope will let them be reelected.  Bottom line Congress does whatever in the hell they want too.  I feel sick for the men and women who put their lives on hold to defend this country, only now to see the freedom they fought for being taken away slowly but surely.  Our citizens are being slapped in the face by our liberal congress and it's time we started doing the slapping to congress by casting our vote by sending people to Washington who love this country and remember what our forefathers based America's foundation.

Sandy Pingleton Owens