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Justice? You Decide! Jayne Voss-Robinson (Consumer-Plainfiff) vs Wayne Lorenz (General Contractor-Defendant)

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I appreciate all the comments left on this story posted under the Latest News section of this newspaper. Perhaps one of the most telling actions of nature and sneakiness of Michael Lorenz, Amy Lorenz and Janet Howard is how they blasted in both hearing about how our home was in disrepair? Um ... dah?? (Speaking in a language they would understand.) We never answered this insult in either hearing, BUT we will answer it now.

THAT IS WHY WE HIRED WAYNE LORENZ TO BEGIN WITH! That is what Wayne Lorenz was supposed to be hired to repair deteriorated areas on the house.

Our home was built in 1969  and we find areas that need repair simply due to age. The front porch was deteriorating, so we paid for THAT repair out of our own pockets. Insect damage was identified and the same day we had an exterminator specialist on site. When the other REAL professionals were hired to complete the job, more 'extras' were paid out of our own pockets.

However, since this trio decided to make issue of this in court, I will post a picture taken of their backyard on 2/9/15, immediately after we saw a RAT walk out of their yard and into the street.

Also, during BOTH hearing Amy Lorenz stated that their vehicles had been tampered with. At the first hearing, she suggested my family did this damage. At the second hearing she blamed the damage on neighborhood friends. Yet, for the entire month of January and part of February, Michael Lorenz and Amy Lorenz would bring their family van to Jan Howard's house, park it overnight and then retreive it again the following morning. Obviously they were hiding their van from some entity. However, isn't it odd that if EVERYONE associated with me were subject to the possibility of damaging their van, they would park it across the street from our home? 



Pictures speak a thousand words, don't they?