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Robinson vs Wayne Lorenz - Judge Complaint Transferred for Investigation

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It took four months for action from the Missouri Attorney General's Office on how to handle the complaint we filed against St. Charles County Judge Matthew Thornhill.  Judge Thornhill failed to disclose defendant, Wayne Lorenz's evidence used during the hearing, yet used this evidence to find against us after the hearing. In a subsequent appeal hearing, all charges were dropped, however tainted the procedure with a negative tone as the Appeal Judge was noticably unhappy (and totally unaware) of the written findings of the first hearing.

In all fairness to the Missouri Attorney General's Office, there was a clear explanation given that a new computer system had been installed and adaptation to the system was a nightmare. We can relate to this.

The Missouri Attorney General's Office does not have jurisdiction over Judges, thus forwarded our complaint to the appropriate venues. Below are copies of the letters received from the Missouri Attorney General's Office.

This is just one of the three legal avenues that we are pursuing at this time. The wheels of justice may move unbeleivably slow, but we are determined to gain justice for the damages done to our home and lives. Stay tuned!