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Round Two - The Neighbors are Blown Out of Court!

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Remember this Guy?
I'm the first to inform people of when I think a public servant is not representing the public in a fair manner. I'm also a person that praises someone when they deserve it.
Please Re-Elect:  St. Charles County Circuit Court
Judge Grant Christian Gorman

This statement is written to highly praise 
ST. Charles County Circuit Court Judge
Grant Christian Gorman
 for blowing the deceptive neighbors across the street ... Jan Howard and her daughter, Amy Lorenz ... straight out of a courtroom with the bogus attempt to cause legal troubles and harrassment.

This is the same family that destroyed our home when hired for storm repair work two years ago.  I have not said much about this since ... I have been waiting for a court ruling ... but apparently one (or more) of the many, many enemies they have collected over the years (they allege) have been tampering with their vehicles. They tried to say we had something to do with it.

They also stated that we were verbally assaulting their grandkids .... which I will not even lower myself to answer. They claimed they feared for their lives because we have BIG guns ... and the bizzarre accusations went on ... and on ... and on. Thus, Janet Howard filed a retraining order against Brian and I ... separately. She claimed we were stalking her ... yet, the imbecile brought a six inch file of her comical espionage evidence proving her case to present to the Judge. After presenting her so-called evidence, it was quite apparent who was stalking whom! The whole time, her nasty-mouthed daughter gave her attitude to the Judge ... in which the Judge just continued to speak over her.

Since I have never set foot on her property ... EVER ... and I wouldn't recognize one of her grandchildren if they stood in front of me because I have NO contact with them, I felt the only way to defend my family and honor was to give the Judge my resume, my long list of volunteer services over the years and a listing of what my children and grandchildren do daily in their lives. I told him there was no other way I could defend something that did not happen but to explain my honesty and character through what I have accomplished in my life ... and still focus in my life, as my only tangible defense.

The Judge wasted no time throwing the matter out of court and denying her anything. This new piece of legal paper can now be added to the files of harrassment from these neighbors.

There was one funny part of this hearing ... when the nasty-attitude daughter blurted out that we are taking photos of her hubby's vehicles. The Judge asked why ... and I told him. I had not intended to bring this issue up in court, but she did. She announced to the Judge, and it now a matter of public record again ... that her husband is a REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER and she further stated that "he has been for 12 years!" Compounded with her ugly attitude, she almost sounded like she was proud of it. The Judge just looked at me and I gave a slight smile, winked and nodded my head. (I did not say this mother-daughter duo is smart ... )

We had concerns about this sex offender as this was never told to us when he was working in our home around our grandchildren. We have witnessed firsthand the NUMEROUS lies this family tells so we don't believe ANY explanation he would give. So when he walked through the neighborhood, spoke and waved at my grandson twice, in front of several people in our yard, we decided that the children in our neighborhood may not be as safe as parents think.   I will not ignore that.

We spoke with the local sheriff department about this months ago, as there are MANY kids in our neigborhood and he had already swindled one teen in our neighborhood. The sheriff deputy told us, that if we were concerned about the safety of children when this creep was in the neighborhood, take a picture of his vehicle, time and date it to show the frequency, and turn the records over to the Sheriff Department and ask that Howard's address be added to the sex offender list. Since the sex offender could be seen on foot, walking through the neighborhood and making contact with young boys and greeting them, we followed the advice of the Sheriff Deputy and are still collecting photos to turn over to the Sheriff Department.

The more these two talked and tried to accuse us of trumped-up, dastardly deeds, the more they exposed themselves for who they are. They tried to drag us into all their MANY family lawsuits that involve coveting kids and keeping them from their alternate parents, etc. They also came up with a whole new mental problem that erupted in their family, that I think they were trying to blame on us. It was clearly evident though, they were dragging those poor kids into their trashy games.

To make a longggggggggggggggg story short, I can not praise Judge Grant Christian Gorman enough for doing the right thing and sending these troublemakers packing. By following through with this, we have set a precedent for others who fall within their vicious sights ... especially the young kids in the neighborhood that she has called the police on for no reason SOOOOOO MANY TIMES (and you know who you are - many of you are adults and parents of teens today. This has been going on for many, many years!) They better think twice before they do it again because this problem is now a matter of public record.

Now ... for the slander and deflamation of character toward us that they are so very guilty of (and it can be easily proven, per our Attorney) ... it might be wise for them to stay home and keep their mouths shut about any and all of their neighbors. And, they better leave kids in the neighborhood alone. Hopefully they will learn ... ticked off kids can get quite creative ... and they have provoked MANY kids! (WE DO NOT CONDONE ANY VANDALISM TO ANYONE'S PROPERTY and anyone who knows us , knows this to be true.)

For those that have been "with us" on this little adventure ... thank you for keeping me calm through the neighbor character assault on us.

Oh ... as for Brian accusations ... Brian confessed to the Judge that after she yelled at him from across the yard .. he did call her a nasty, ugly *itch and that he was watching over Pudgy as she was doing her 'porkie-lump-lumps'. He said he was protecting Pudgy from "bad pigs" in the neighborhood. Oh those VIOLENT Canadians ...?!?
Funny thing ... the Judge gave no response to Brian's confession.  I can only wonder why.

On the way home, I noticed Judge Grant Christian Gorman is up for re-election. I ask for any and all votes to support this man, as he really is an excellent Judge. He made sure everyone had the opportunity to say whatever they wanted ... and wasted no time throwing the trash out! Please consider voting for this Judge. We need more like him in our country today!
Why am I posting this?? I am posting this for those that have heard all the bizzare trash that comes out of their mouths about each and every neighbor around us. (some of you were mentioned by name in court today BY THEM). I am posting this so parents in the area keep a watch over their children. As I explained to the Judge ... they have spread bizzare stuff around about ALL the neighbors at one time or another ... I have responded,  and I am well within my rights to do so. My slate has been wiped clean by the courts and honesty prevailed!  Amen!
I have been asked numerous times if we will file for a mis-trial on the first hearing given we were never given the "evidence" they presented to the Judge. We believe the evidence presented was tampered with and purjures the "micky mouse" builder that caused so much damage to our home. We have five years to make this decision. Time will tell what we will choose to do about this issue.