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Slapped with a Slander Charge, but later dropped ?? Where's the Evidence of Slander?

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OMG!! I so wish I could do this to that horrible neighbor that was part of the house disaster of 2014! Sometimes I just hate to be a person of "poor character" ... !!! BTW ... we are still in pursuit of the "evidence" that gave the Judge cause to slap me with a slander charge and cease and desist seems that when we request the evidence, none appears. I'll keep you posted on this one.  

( reminder ) The second Judge dropped the charge and order, but got irrated with my issue to push it. It was at this part in the hearing that he stopped listening to the story about what happened. We feel we won our case simply because we always knew that the con srtist did't have the funds to pay us back ... but if he had insurnce life his wife stasted during the first hearing, we wnted this claim filed through his insurance company. Since then, we have found out that the con artist isn't even registered as a business with the Secretary of State Office in Missouri. THIS is the "innocent" contractor that destryed our ceiling and cost us an additional $15,000 (after we repair the living room ceiling.)