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Who Do They Think They're Kidding?

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Do you actually listen to some of the crazy remarks coming out of news reporters and politicians mouths over the media rduring this pre-election time period? Are you really listening to what the talking heads are saying? Has the media  become so politically polarized that we are unable to divide the truth from fiction?

Let's try using some common sense!

Have you heard the news that the economy is getting stronger, based on the drop in unemployment claims? Yes, I've even heard say that the 'recession' is over.

Tell that to my friend who lost a 30-year-old business, a home, works a second job in his/her mid-50's just to survive...and is still struggling! This former business owner doesn't qualify for unemployment, food stamps or any government subsidies because she spent her life working and matching her employees benefits. Now, he/she doesn't fit in any of the 'statistics' that determine the end of the recession garbage. There are many, many, many Americans that fit into that classification. The numbers of like middle class Americans are so large that we can safely assume that the statistics are seriously skewed.

Have you ever noticed that everything is always so much better on election years? Are you 'drinking the kool-aid'?

I would like to know if anyone reading this message can say that their lives and income have actually improved over the last four years? I believe the average middle class citizen of this country has learned a great deal of positive things from this financial experience, however to hear the media and politicians tell the story, we are all liquid and finding  easier to meet our responsibilities. Do you believe this is true?

FACTUALLY...the middle income citizen in this country has endured the brunt of this recession and are still struggling. Middle income salaries have dropped considerably, while living expenses continue to rise. We have been faced with higher electric bills, gas bills, water bills, sewer bills, grocery bills, etc, etc, etc,. We have been denied loans that might have assisted people with leveling out this imbalance., regardless of of a history of good credit scores. 

At this very time, local electric companies still want more increases and they will probably get them. Why? Because our politicians' election campaign funds indirectly come from many of these very companies and their executives.

Additionally...what with these gas prices? Last weekend, gasoline purchased in O'Fallon, Missouri was ten cents more per gallon than in Hermann and other small towns just to the west of us. Who is responsible for representing our best interests as citizens when this out-of-control INFLATION happens in our lives. One answer - our government!

It's a vicious circle that the middle class will never be able to stop because the solution is out of our hands. Or, is it?

During the past four years, we have been scammed by banks, credit companies, utility companies, governmental bodies from the local, state and federal levels. Most of us don't even know how many times we've been scammed. People have lost jobs, only to find re-employment at a lesser wage. People fear the loss of medical care coverages through their jobs and medicare benefits from the government. And, all the while the stock market goes up and up and up, with much of the same dishonest and deceptive reporting tactics still fueling the push. What will happen if this perspective is even partially correct? BOOM!

Many believe there is a modern-day 'Civil War' going on in the United States. We have become far too sophisticated to load our weapons and charge face-to-face. Thus, this 'Civil War' is fought in the voting boothes. We enacted the start of this four years ago when the 'good ole' boys' in public office met a number of new personalities in the work chambers of government buildings. And, I pray we see more of it in our upcoming elections.

If you have something to say, please let it be known in the voting booth. It reminds me of the saying my Mother said over and over again to her children..."The Lord helps those who help themselves." If you are discontent with the operations of our government, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Please prepare for the upcoming elections. Please study and research the candidates and don't believe everything that comes out of their mouths at election time. Study their accomplishments, or lack of. Then, cast your vote to take out the garbage! If you do not yet understand the importance of every single vote, ask an incumbent that lost by 6 or 8 votes. This actually seems to happen in every single election now!
This is not a Republican or Democrat issue. This is about YOUR quality of life and American Dream.

Please THINK about your responsibility to the future happiness of those around you and do the right thing. PLEASE! Register to vote, prepare to vote and show up on Election Days.