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All God's Creatures

Warm Springs Ranch Kicks Off Its 8th SEASON

Clydesdales Breeding Facility Opens To Public on March 26

 Grab your cameras and walking shoes because Warm Springs Ranch is ready to open its gates for the eighth season. Guests are invited to visit the premier breeding facility starting Saturday, March 26 to get an up close and personal experience with foals, mares and world-famous Budweiser Clydesdales.


St. Louisans Protest UniverSoul Circus

Christina Tenti and a large coalition of citizens have been protesting a hot and humid 10 day protest at the UniverSoul Circus in Jamestown Mall in St. Louis, MO. Animal Control was called to inspect the animals deteriorating in temperatures that reached over 100 degrees Tuesday. The elephants, camels, zebras, and more have been standing on hot asphalt with little breeze or shade and forced to perform for a total of 27 show in10 days.


Bread and Crackers are Harmful to Birds!

We feed the ducks almost every single morning at the park before I take Mikey and Lina to school. I did NOT know this ... we've been feeding them bread ... oh no!!

The most common items fed to ducks and waterfowl are also the least nutritious and most unhealthy: bread, crackers, popcorn and similar bread-type products and scraps.



Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Sometimes we need reminders that people can do wonderful things



1. The parents who made their son's wheelchair

into the best Halloween costume ever ... read on

The Eagles Arrived in Clarksville, Missouri





Thousands of bird watchers will wander up the Mississippi River in the next couple weeks to watch in awe as American Bald Eagles and Trumpeteer Swans soar and play for the enjoyment of all!  The clicking of camera shutters did not slow down this magestic display on this cold winter day!


FREE Fall Wagon Days at Rescue Ranch


The Humane Society of Missouri's Longmeadow Rescue Ranch is hosting "Wagon Days" filled with free, fun activities for people of all ages and informative sessions about adopting and caring for farm animals. The event is a FREE, Family Fun experience to be held on Saturday, November 2, 2013 at the Longmeadow Rescue Ranch. 


Dear Kim Jung Un ...

Thank you for forwarding photos of what life is like in your country.  These are the people of the United States of America and other friendly countries.  We did not reach this level of intelligence, values and comfort without the heroism of our Armed Forces and the bravery of the men and women who continue to fight for the preservation of FREEDOM each and every day.

We are kind people by nature, but do not take our kindness as a sign of weakness. A few have tried ... but NONE have survived. Stop threatening the United States of America before you make a mistake that can not be fixed.  

Fair Warning!





"One Tough Coyote"

Meet the wiliest of all coyotes: Hit by a car at 75mph, embedded in the fender, rode for 600 miles -



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