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All God's Creatures

Go Ahead! You Tell Her To Move! Dare You!

  Northerners will tell you - there is no need to an invitation  these creatures. Moose make themselves at home and they stay until they want to leave!


Bambi & Thumper Are Alive and Well!

Photos from a backyard in Alberta, Canada

Strange, But True...

Pogo  Moose Incident - Fairbanks, Alaska   

God's Little Nitch in Nature

Odds are...This somthing you won't see this again in your lifetime ! 


Polar Bear: I Come in Peace....

These are Norbert Rosing's striking images of a wild polar bear coming upon tethered sled dogs in the wilds of Canada 's Hudson Bay.

Squirrels in Your Birdfeeder?

You think you have problems?

Are You A Bird-Watcher?


Your Smile for the Day!

Pick Up The Towel!

Talk about a face only a mother could love...?

A Tale of Two Unusual Friends

  IF you thought the legend of the horse whisperer was impressive, here's an animal tale with even more bite. Rather than trying to tame wild stallions, fearless Costa Rican fisherman Chito prefers a playful wrestle in the water with his best pal Pocho - a deadly 17ft crocodile.

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