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Amazing Photography

Trick Photography

Awesome rewards for being at the
right place at the right time.



Living in the Lap of Luxury in Lovely Afganistan...

Interesting Lifestyle Choice for the Oil Enriched Middle East?

No Wonder Osama has Such an Attitude Problem! 

The Creative Side of God

The Lord created many things for man's enjoyment.

So, relax and marvel in the work of God!


Photos of the Great and Powerful Eyjafjallajokull!

History in the Making!

The world watches in awe as Mother Earth offers the views of a once in a lifetime experience!



Let's Visit Holland and the Village with No Roads.


This is a picturial view of a  Village in  Holland wherein you can't find a  single road.  All  transportation is done by boats along the  river.

Bizarre Bridges

Pedestrian Bridge, Texas

Introducing...The WHY 58x38

A French shipbuilding company joined with one in Monaco to build this yacht. It's enormous, 58 meters long by 38 meters wide, and they released these pictures. 

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