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Consumers BEWARE!

Holiday Energy Use Can Surprise You Later

 The hustle and bustle of the holiday season often leads to a surprise when the monthly energy bill arrives.  People often use more energy this time of year for several reasons.  However, planning ahead can help alleviate some of the potential energy sting.

U.S.Government Releases New Dollar Coins

And, you probably already guessed it - 'IN GOD WE TRUST'
IS GONE!  There is a movement in America asking all
Americans to refuse to accept these when they are
handed to you.  This simple action will make a strong

2010 Tax Tips

Ø The Home Energy Credit expires at the end of this year.

Ø Job search expenses can be deducted on your tax return. Please keep track of your expenses.

Estate Tax Law Changes for 2010:

Stay One Step Ahead of the Bad Guys!

...Submitted by Lloyd Reeves, St. Paul, MO


Consumer Protection Series of Scam Alerts:

Consumer Protection Alert:  Auto Service Contract Fraud
--Attorney General Koster forms task force to help find answers--

This is Today's "Smart Car" ?

Saves on that gas mileage!


It's cute, cozy but lacks a little leg room...

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