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Our Readers Speak

HEY Jayne: I think you can relate to this!

This letter is a thing of beauty (even if the language is a bit rough). You definitely feel the guy's pain! An actual letter to the passport office...    

Recipe of the Week!

Foods from Readers All Over the World!



The Day After ... Giving Thanks It's Over!

Those that know me, know that I reserve the following comment for times when things are out of our control anymore....for example...the death of a loved one. This belief of mine now is my response to the fallout of yesterday's election:

"Thy will be done".

Aholt Family Farm Hosts Family Friendly Events

Just wanted to thank you so much for submitting the article about our farm in The Scoop Newspaper. You really made it look so appealing and interesting to read.

Stand Tall & Applaud!

We occasionally receive a submission that stands out above all others. This is the most recent thought-provoking submission: 


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