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 The entire family at Thanksgiving 2010 in Chicago!

Christmas - 2016

  Scoop, L.L.C is a small, home-based publication company that has performed a valuable service in the O’Fallon, Missouri community for over 24 years.  Alongside producing menus, brochures, calendars and other promotional items/events for small business owners, Scoop, L.L.C. publishes a small community newspaper that features news pertinent to the St. Charles County, specifically O’Fallon, Missouri area. The publication also features heart-warming stories about families, small-town life, local schools, local sports highlights and small business challenges in a corporate world. Factually, The Scoop Newspaper was the first product of Scoop, L.L.C. at its inception. However, as the ‘newspaper’ and print advertising industry started a downswing approximately five years ago, Scoop, L.L.C. began to diversify the products offered to clients.

Jayne Voss-Robinson is the Executive Director and Editor of The Scoop Newspaper and Scoop, LLC. Jayne and a former partner created The Scoop Newspaper in 1996 with the assistant of several “at risk” students from local middle schools, high schools and the local community college. The idea became a reality after the ladies retired from a local Board of Education with a clear awareness that many “at risk” students learn more successfully with “hands-on” training. The Scoop Newspaper became a perfect vehicle to prove the theory.

It wasn’t long before there were challenges galore! The firm really hit a roadblock when state student employment laws became tougher and insurance rates for students became astronomical. The newspaper simply could not afford to employ school age students any longer. In order for the small business to survive, Voss-Robinson focused on diversifying the company, adding more promotional products and event sponsorships to the plate – the most recent is this on-line website.

The business is still family-owned and operated and each member of the family offers a unique characteristic to the business.

The Voss children will be the first to admit that they have learned much from growing up in a family that is deeply involved in the community.  All three of the Voss children have helped out in the family business when the need has risen. Now, as adults and parents themselves, they see the value of community volunteerism in their everyday lives and are proud to be members of such a dynamic community. All three of the Voss children were born and raised in the O'Fallon community, attending school from kindergarten through graduation in the Fort Zumwalt School District, and now, after finishing their higher education, two of the three have made O’Fallon home, and have children attending classes in the same schools as their parents. It's not unusual even today to see Cary, Angela and even Andee (who now resides in Indiana) lending a helping hand with the family firm, or out in the community at a company-sponsored event or volunteer effort. 

Jayne Voss-Robinson knows the St. Charles County community well.  This community familiarity lead to an invite to host a popular morning drive-time radio show dubbed  "Scoopin' With Jayne, Wired to the WestPlex".  Local and State dignataries, musical talent, business leaders and 'People in the News' would meet with Jayne in the radio studio  and discuss upcoming community events, school and government issues and  anything bizarre or of interest over the airwaves. Jayne also hosted many 'live remote' promotions out and about in the community.

During her 39-year residency in the O’Fallon area, Voss-Robinson has served on numerous volunteer boards and committees from local to the state level. The following is a sampling of some of her volunteer service:

Fort Zumwalt Board of Education

*  Elected at-large for 3 terms (9 years) Served as President for 3 years

* (served on Fort Zumwalt Negotiations Committee, Curriculum Council, Student  Disciplinary Policy Committee, Support Staff Committee, Citizen’s Advisory Committee, At-Risk Student Program Committee, Cooperative School District Benefit Committee, etc.)

St. Charles County Convention and Sports Authority

* Appointed by Governor Mel Carnahan

* Served for 5 years

St. Charles County Planning & Zoning Commission

* Appointed by the County Commission

* Served for 3 years

St. Charles County Handicapped Facilities Board (DDRB Board)

* Appointed by the County Commission

* Served for 3 years

Family Advocacy & Community Training (F.A.C.T.) Community Advisory Board

* Appointed by the Board Members

* Served 8 years

* (Named the 1997 Child Advocate of the Year)

Crider Center for Mental Health Professional Advisory Board

* Appointed by Members

* Served 5 years

O’Fallon Business Association

* Member: 13 years

* Secretary - 10 years 

* Elected by Membership at Large

* Named 1998 O’Fallon Business of the Year

O’Fallon Veterans Commission

* Appointed by Mayor/City Council

Serving in so many volunteer positions over thirty-five years has served as an asset for The Scoop Newspaper. While out and about in the community, Jayne hears the concerns and opinions from a diverse group of people. Many in this diverse readership group are loyal readers of The Scoop still today. Additionally, our readership and advertiser interest has grown immensely over the past year with the development of The Scoop Newspaper – On Line!

In late 2008, Jayne Voss-Robinson introduced the public to Scoop, L.L.C.’s newest ‘product’ – The Scoop Newspaper On-Line.  Since that time, Voss-Robinson enlarged and redeveloped the website because of the massive increase in the number of readers. The on-line site features much of the same articles, events and humor that is so enjoyed in the print edition of The Scoop Newspaper. When you visit the site, you will see that there are categories of interest that span well-beyond local news! Subject matter like Phenomenon, Household Hints, Weights and Measures, Go Green, the Flood of 2008, School News, Restaurant Reviews and the readers favorite – The Useless News!

Independent audit statistics are maintained on the site and show the rapid growth of readership, and the geographic locations of our new growth in readership since we expanded on-line! These demographics prove that we are be able to ‘grow’ further interest from local to national with new efforts. 

  We are proud to play such a significant role in the St. Charles County community. It has been proven time and again that the readership of The Scoop Newspaper are generally the every day people in the ‘community’…the many senior citizens, veterans, families with children, religious leaders, coffee-clutchers, small business owners that enjoy a site with a ‘local’ flavor and a place where people can find interesting things and clean, fun humor – a perfect ‘place’ for relaxed reading.