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BBQ for a Crowd?? Try This!

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Late last fall, one reader (and bless you for thinking of sending this to us) sent in this awesome outdoor cooking idea! We've save this item of interest for the appropriate time. With high 80 degree temperatures forcasted for the next week, BBQ pits are sure to be operating in full swing!  Why not give this a try?

If your family love corn on the cob with their favorite BBQ meal, and you are cooking for a crowd...try Cooler Corn! It's shocking how easy it is to make!

Empty/Clean the inside of a cooler.  Fill the cooler with the shucked corn ears. Next, pour two kettles-full of boiling water are poured over the corn and the top closed.

30 minutes later openm the cooler and the corn is perfectly cooked.  The corn will remain at the perfect level of doneness for a couple of hours.

This cooking technique is perfect for large barbecues and way less of mess than grilling. Give it a try...and we hope you enjoy it!