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Congratulations to the Graduates of 2014!

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The Scoop Newspaper  honors our area graduates by re-printing this editorial each year. This article was originally written and published in 1995, upon the graduation of our oldest child. We are proud of the accomplishments of the Class(es) of 2014! Whatever the desire, give it the very best you can, because the future belongs to YOU! We feel we speak  for all the proud parents of graduates in our readership and believe this says everything a parent could feel, think and say during this most special time in life. 

by: Jayne Voss-Robinson

Dear Graduate ...


Simple words can not accurately express the pride and joy we feel as we watch you walk across the stage and accept your diploma…your ‘moment in time’ when the community recognizes with respect, great love and admiration the accomplishments and expectations you have met. Throughout the last thirteen years of your life, you’ve been faced with challenges, opportunities and obstacles that only you could face and overcome. Perhaps your choices have not always been correct or perhaps you wish you could have done things different…but now, it really doesn’t matter. You’ve made it! You faced the challenges…. you overcame the obstacles…you reached your goals…and you have laid your path to personal success.


 We… your parents, family, relatives, friends, teachers and employers… your community, sense the awkwardness of this moment. When the sparkle of that ‘moment of time’ dims, where do you go from there? You have set new goals and planned for tomorrow, however what does tomorrow hold for you? You’ve been here before…you just don’t remember. We do.


 Thirteen years ago, the ‘big yellow bus’ stopped at the corner and you got on board. You were frightened and uneasy…so were we! You were so small and insecure but you ‘toughed it out’ and made it through that frightening time. As time went on, you became an individual, set out on your way to make new friends and experience new beginnings and make your own choices along the way…and we learned to watch, guide and cheer you on. From that point on, you created memories and friendships that belong only to you. The experiences you’ve encountered throughout those years, both good and bad, make you the person,  you are today. You learned that nothing in your life comes easy…you learned to work hard and stay focused…and hopefully you learned that through it all, we were always there to help you when you stumbled and fell and to redirect you down the path of life.


 The path has led you here…to the time of your graduation. Forgive us if we smile too much, hug you too much or cry a river of tears. For you see, you have been such an important part of our lives. Your joy is our joy, your dreams are our dreams for you and your ‘moment in time’ is such a special moment to us. Once again, you sparkle our lives, just like the day you were born, and you showed the world what we always knew you would be.


 So now, you are about to step on that new ‘big yellow bus’ again. Only this time, you are older, much wiser and self-motivated. Most important, you have learned that you can accomplish anything you set your sights to do. And, though you do not need nurturing as much as in the past, we will stand by and watch, feeling the same awkward and uneasy feelings that we experienced so many years ago. Only this time, we know in our hearts that you’re prepared to meet the challenge and that you have the strength and fortitude to pick yourself up and move on, should you stumble and fall.


 Move forward with your honor children. Continue to reach for the stars, be the best you can be and live your life so that you will not live with regrets. Be thankful for the opportunity to be of assistance to your fellow man. And finally, get to work and build our future…and be proud of each and every accomplishment along the way.


 We honor, cherish and share your ‘moment in time’ for your moment in time…is a testimonial of your hard work and determination…and the devotion and support of a marvelous community that has been deeply enriched by their investment and faith in you! Congratulations and best wishes for the opportunity of a brilliant future that now lies in the palm of your hand!