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The Coupon Craze Comes to the Library

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Clueless about couponing? From reality television shows to video blogs about using coupons to enhance your family's finances, extreme couponing is the latest obsession for the budget-minded in today's economy. The St. Charles City-County Library District offers two new programs to help you learn the tips and tricks of the coupon craze. 
In "Making Cent$ of Couponing," Sadie Lankford will share her techniques about how to use coupons to your best advantage, how to get organized, stack coupons, stockpile, and best of all, how to get things for free. 
Monday, August 22nd                             Wednesday, August 24th
7pm–McClay Branch                               7pm–Corporate Parkway Branch
2760 McClay Rd, St Charles              1200 Corporate Parkway, Wentzville
636-441-7577                                            636-332-9966
Tuesday, September 13th                       Tuesday, September 20th
7pm–Deer Run Branch                 7pm–Kathryn Linnemann Branch              
1300 North Main, O'Fallon                          2323 Elm Street, St Charles
636-978-3261                                             636-946-0789
In October, Marcy Bursac will help you "Discover Your Couponing Style."  This program gives you the tools and resources you need to save hundreds of dollars and helps you take advantage of deals without wasting valuable time with unnecessary coupon clipping and lengthy searches for savings.
Thursday, October 20th                            Saturday, October 22nd
6:30pm–Middendorf Kredell Branch        1:00pm–McClay Branch
2750 Highway K, O'Fallon                           2760 McClay Rd,St Charles
636-978-7997                                              636-441-7577
Tuesday, October 25th                             Thursday, October 27th
6:30pm–Kisker RoadBranch       6:30pm–Corporate Parkway Branch             
1000Kisker Road,St Charles          1200 Corporate Parkway, Wentzville
636-926-7323                                              636-636-332-9966
Choose one of four sessions available for each program and register online under the "Programs and Events" link or call the library branch.  The St. Charles City-County Library District offers a variety of programs and activities for all ages. Information is available on the online program calendar.