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The Day After ... Giving Thanks It's Over!

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Those that know me, know that I reserve the following comment for times when things are out of our control anymore....for example...the death of a loved one. This belief of mine now is my response to the fallout of yesterday's election:

"Thy will be done".

It's hard to 'trust' after what any have lived through over the last four years, BUT it's time to try because that's what GOOD AMERICANS do. We pull together and we support our President.
The President stated that he heard the voices of EVERYONE and that this election has made him a better President. That is a very promising statement for those who did not support President Obama's re-election.

I have one specific plea that I am compelled to ask of our readers. Please make every effort to shop with small businesses in the community during this season of spending. small business owners and self employed people have suffered considerable losses throughout the past four years. Our country is in danger of the elimination of this working class of people.   with salaries and earnings continuing on a downward spiral,  people on state and federal aid are quickly becoming the MIDDLE CLASS and the self-employed and small business owners and the new poorer segment of the populace. It's something to think about...this otherwise productive segment of the population might just be forced AND better off joining with the state and federal aid recipients and accept the lifestyle change that we've learned to live with for the last four years. And finally, who will be left to fund the coffers that pay out those government checks?

Just something to think about...

Personally, I've never been so happy to see the start of Christmas advertising in my life! Kudos to Sears who began the Holiday advertising season with the adorable commercial about the little tot our shopping with his father that terrorizes the shopping mall with his antics! That commerical certainly brings all our wavering emotions from this election back down to reality.

Let's move on...together!