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The Eagles Arrived in Clarksville, Missouri

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Thousands of bird watchers will wander up the Mississippi River in the next couple weeks to watch in awe as American Bald Eagles and Trumpeteer Swans soar and play for the enjoyment of all!  The clicking of camera shutters did not slow down this magestic display on this cold winter day!


  Many visitors attended the annual Eagle Days Celebration held over the weekend of January 25th and 26rth in Clarkville, Missouri.  Adults and children alike enjoyed watching the American Bald Eagles soar high above the Mississippi River, often times swooping down into the river and grabbing a fish.  

  Additionally, Trumpeteer Swans floated from the locks and dam down the Mississippi River, approximately a quarter-mile, only to spread their huge, heavy wings and fly back to the locks and dam to begin the 'float' again. 

  The special 'fowl' guests will hang around the area as long as the frigid temperatures remain in the area.  Why not take advantage of the FREE family event and ddrive out to the Clarksville riverfront? Bundle up (cause the temperatures around the river are sometimes much colder) pack some hot beverages to drink, bring along blankets for added assurance of warmth and don't forget the cameras!  Enjoy!