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GM, Element Church and Wentzville Schools Join Clean Stream Effort

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Volunteers from Element Church Joined in the

2017 Clean Stream Effort



Local Students Present their Environmental Solutions at Mission: Clean Stream/GM Earth Day


Students from Wentzville Middle School are solving real environmental issues impacting their community through the Global Rivers Environment Education Network (GREEN) program, with support from General Motors. 

On Saturday, April 1, students will present their environmental solutions to attendees of the GM Earth Day festival. They’re working to implement several projects, including advocating to start a recycling program in multi-unit housing, creating a bee and butterfly garden in Heartland Park, and working with the Parks Department to host a community-wide trashcan design competition to reduce litter.

Throughout the school year, students worked with mentors from GM and the City of Wentzville to examine their local community and identify environmental issues that matter to them. They then worked to create innovative solutions. 

“Our class is working to teach our community about recycling to decrease the amount of litter we see in Wentzville,” said Jadyn Poston and Maria Slaughter, two Wentzville sixth graders who attended a trustee meeting at Wentzville’s Homeowner’s Association Symposium. “We invite the community to become recycling ambassadors to inspire and teach our neighbors about recycling, too.”

“It’s important to us that Wentzville students are connected to their local watershed,” said Jamie Paige, Stormwater Management Coordinator at City of Wentzville. “This helps youth understand our influences on natural resources and prepares them to become civically engaged and equipped with the tools to be effective problem-solvers.” 

The City of Wentzville has organized GREEN in Wentzville for 14 years, facilitating the GREEN curriculum with in-school programming. The nonprofit Earth Force coordinates GREEN and provides professional development, online learning resources and support to the networks of partners and schools in 42 communities across North America where GM operates.   

Through GREEN, students develop the skills, knowledge and motivation to take action to protect the environment. They learn more about the watersheds they live near and turn these learnings into lasting solutions to pressing environmental issues.