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Interesting Landscapes

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This space is reserved for the strange and glorious world around us



A View of the 2020 West Coast

Forest Fires from Above the Clouds!



Pamukkale Turkey




Just NO!


Naunton, United Kingdom



The Redwoods of Oregon




Dolomites, Italy




The Beauty of Thailand



In the Eye of the Wave




Montpellier, France




The Lavender Fields of Turkey

Faroe Islands



Gore Bay, New Zealand



A Football Field in Norway



Waterfall in Bigar



The Peacock Room in Tuscany, Italy 1605


Off in a field off Highway 40 outside amarillo Texas there sits a "Cadillac Farm". The site is an art exhibit created in 1974 by three artists who were part of the art group known as Ant Farm.


Tourists from all over the worl park on the side of a dirt highway service road and walk into a field to "tag" the antique cadillacs with their own "marks".  The paint on the vehicles, coupled with the heat in the summer air causes the cars to shed the paint approximately once every two weeks.




Paris, France





Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany



Taominia, Sicily






Haiku Stair in Hawaii



The Wat Samphran Buddist Temple in Thailand 



The Countryside in Scotland


Amsterdam, Netherlands




Canadian Cranberry Farm


The Potabella Market in London



A Village in Tibet




Playa de Triopetra Isle, de Creta, Grecia




Street Art



Milan Italy





Algarve, Portugal





Isn't God Creative?







God is an excellent artist!





Rio Grande National Wildlife Refuge    



Sequia Tree in Oregon


Elephant Rock in Iceland


Baobab Trees in Madagascar




A Bamboo Forest in Japan




700 Year Old Home in Iran



"The Drunk House" in Sepot, Poland



Fargoe Islands, Denmark





Lake Superior



Bridge Tunnel to Hampton, Virginia




The Lower Falls in Yellowstone National Park



The Road to Hell in Calsbad Caverns New Mexico





Machu Picchu, Peru


Eltz Castle in Germany





The Lake Above the Ocean




The Lion Rock in

Sigirlia, Sri Lanka







Thousand Springs, Idaho




This house represented lots of fun in the 70's

Look Familiar??


Bigar Waterfall in Romania



Just Stay to the Side




But ... Where Do You Park Your Car?



Tienaman Mountain in China


Would you take this walk??



Missouri - Kansas Bridge Over the Missouri River






Spello, Italy



Cinque Terre, Italy




Iceland Lighthouse



Pearl River, Louisiana


Roads not yet traveled ...




Natural Pool, Thasos Island, Greece




Creative Gardening


Quebec, Canada - Where the Deer and the Antilope Play?



Home, Sweet Home


Aurora (Northern Lights) Over Finland - 2016



Vertical Steps at Macha Picchu, Peru


Space Shuttle Endeavor Launch Taken From Space


Honshu, Japan





Backyard Elegance



Northern Lights in Alberta, Canada (2015)




The sculpture consists of an iron beam pulled from the rubble of the World Trade Center held up by two stainless steel hands. The hands holding it up are constructed from 2,976 individually crafted stainless steel doves - each representing a victim of the attacks.

Artist Heath Satow: Located at Rosemead City Hall: 8838 Valley Blvd, Rosemead, CA.






A Magnificent Underwave!



Marina Corricella in Procida, Italy



Popular Water Slide in Sicily



Amazing Creativity!


As seen in Cambrose, Alberta - Canada


Mountains Flat, California







Wisteria Tree in Japan


Stone of the elephant in Heimaey, Iceland



Amazing Art!



Mount Revelstoke and Glacier national parks


Winter in the Rainforest




(above) The Rainbow Eucalyptus

The unique multi-hued bark is the most distinctive feature of the tree. Patches of outer bark are shed annually at different times, showing a bright green inner bark. This then darkens and matures to give blue, purple, orange and then maroon tones.

(below) Unique Garden Art




God is so creative!


Kintaikyo Bridge, Nishiki River, Japan






The Great Renaissance




Send us your captivating examples ! 

A 102 Year Old Ship - Now a Floating Forest