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Laclede Gas Holiday Cooking Tips

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To prevent kitchen appliances from working overtime, Laclede Gas has some quick cooking tips to save time and lower energy costs.


Plan Ahead: 

·         Preheat - Preheat the oven only when necessary (Example: baking cakes and quick breads). The broiler needs preheating only for rare steaks.

·         Thaw - Thawed foods cook faster. Keep this in mind when cooking your turkey.

·         Multi-task - When possible, bake several dishes at the same temperature. 

Helpful Hints:

·         Uncover - Keep oven air passages clear. Blocking them with aluminum foil or oven liners can cause poor air flow and uneven baking.

·         Cleanse - Clean burner tips to provide a more efficient heat while saving energy. Use soap and water to clean them and always look for a nice blue flame.

·         Examine - On stovetop burners use the smallest flame possible. Take a look - the flame should never exceed the pan’s width.

·         Boil - Water boils faster in covered pans - add a lid and save time.

·         Minimize - Cook vegetables in small amounts of water. Avoid overcooking, which reduces nutritional value.

·         Conserve - Each time you open the oven it loses about 20 percent of its heat. Keep the oven door closed while cooking to prevent heat loss and save energy.