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LSL Daughters of the American Revolution to Honor Namesake

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The Lake St. Louis DAR Chapter namesake will be honored at the March meeting of the Caroline Close Stuart Chapter, NSDAR (National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution) at Lake Forest Country Club. 



Members and prospective members of the Chapter will gather at 10:30 am for the meeting.
Caroline Close Stuart, the Chapter namesake, will be honored with the Women In American History DAR Award for her leadership during the difficult days of the Revolutionary War Battle of Guilford Court House of March, 1781.  This award gives recognition for women (living or deceased) who have set an example in the community by making an outstanding contribution in education, science, politics, religion, culture, or society. Although the social mores of the time did not easily permit female participation in the Revolutionary war, many women managed to take more direct action in support of the patriotic cause.

Nursing skills were being learned by the women of Guilford County.  These skills were put to greatest use when the armies of Greene and Cornwallis met at Guilford Court House, March 15, 1781.  There, under the leadership of General Nathaniel Greene, the militiamen halted the British advance through the Carolinas and turned them back to the seaport towns.  Two women, Ann Jessup and Caroline Stuart are given credit for leadership during the difficult days of the Battle of Guilford Court House.

Stuart was a well-known herbalist and healer in her community.  Rather than stay at the church where the women were called to pray, she choose to ride onto the battle field to help the fallen soldiers.  She carried with her bundles of herbs, lint, bandages and some clean shirts.  Her calm, experienced presence was as welcome as her home made remedies—bandages, poultices and herbal drinks.

A short woman, barely five feet tall, Stuart defied the British in the years before the war over the issue of taxes refusing to pay the “exhorbent” 
taxes they tried to collect.  In years to come she would always be known for this spunky attitude.

Stuart continued her work with the sick and injured until her 100th birthday. 
  There is a charming story about how “miffed” she was she was not allowed to officiate at the birth of her great granddaughter who was born on the 
special birthday.   Caroline died at the age of 103, the honored matriarch of 
her Stuart clan leaving behind a legacy of healing and caring for others.

Chapter members will be invited to wear their historical costumes for this event.  Historically correct in style, many of the ladies have sewn their outfits and “topped off” their look with cleverly created hats of the same time period.  Lunch and program will follow the meeting.  Members and prospective members are welcome to invite their friends and relatives who are interested in joining the chapter to attend the meeting as well.  (RSVP info. 

Margaret Carr, member of the John Sappington Chapter, NSDAR will present the program “Antique Jewelry, A Flare from the Past with her amazing collection of Weiss antique jewelry.  After collecting for over 20 years, her collection contains brooches, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.  Weiss jewelry is a unique

costume design popular between 1942 and 1951.  Designed to stand out and augment a women's beauty with shine and design, it could turn 'boring' into 'sophisticated’.  Carr will be available after the program to do spot appraisals with members and visitors who bring their own antique jewelry to the meeting.

Susan Russ, Chapter Regent says. “DAR is a patriotic organization honoring the men and women who formed the roots of this country.”  As Russ puts it, tracking your family’s roots is “just like a puzzle and you keep working your way back,” one piece of information at a time.  If people enjoy history and want to help perpetuate our beginning roots this is the place you 
should be,” she says.   However, if you manage to connect your ancestral 
line directly to a patriot of the American Revolutionary War, you could be eligible to join the new DAR Chapter.

Interested women who would like to attend the March meeting must make reservations for the lunch portion of the meeting which costs $18.  For more information about the DAR or to make reservations may contact Regent, Susan 
Russ at 636-978-1869.   You may also find us on the web at