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Missouri Valley Federal Credit Union Addresses Financial Education Need

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The economic crisis in our country has highlighted why financial literacy skills are important for students to learn at a young age. The challenge for teachers has been providing students with quality, real-life experiences to help them understand the financial situations they will face after high school. 

 Missouri Valley Federal Credit Union has stepped forward to help.


Missouri Valley Federal Credit Union has recognized this problem, and stepped forward in the St. Charles area to sponsor Banzai, an online financial literacy program for local educators and youth. Banzai's award winning curriculum is used by over 20,000 teachers and is available in all 50 states. Missouri Valley FCU’s engagement in the program gives teachers the opportunity to provide an innovative, high-quality experience to their students at no cost to them.

Banzai is a world-class software platform designed to introduce students to adult dilemmas such as managing debt, reconciling bank statements, balancing budgets, and making tradeoffs. The program features real life simulations to illustrate the concepts in a fun and impactful way. These skills are crucial for these students to learn to better prepare them for their future.

Missouri Valley Credit Union  would like  more teachers to be aware of the opportunity available to them to use the program for free; and stresses the importance of providing financial literacy to those still in school.

For more information on the success of this program and how to get invloved, please contact:

Robyn McLaughlin  (Educator)
St. Charles West High School
(636) 443-4200

Joshua Rodriguez
Missouri Valley Federal Credit Union
(636) 978-8800