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New Book Celebrates the People of St. Charles

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Local authors honor contributors to town’s rich legacy

Legendary Locals of St. Charles, by local authors Don and Dianna Graveman, released on February 29th, 2016. The book includes vintage images that have been collected from the St. Charles County Historical Society as well as local residents and organizations.


Today’s citizens of St. Charles will recognize the names of many early settlers and residents, such as Louis Blanchette, who founded the settlement that would later become St. Charles; St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, who helped found the first school of the Society of the Sacred Heart in America; and Lewis and Clark, who began their expedition here to explore the Louisiana Purchase territory. Later came photographer Rudolph Goebel, who chronicled St. Charles’s history for more than 50 years; Jane Crider, advocate for adults with disabilities and cofounder of Boone Center Inc.; and Archie Scott, known as “Mr. Main Street” for his years of dedication to the preservation of the historic district. Included in Legendary Locals of St. Charles are businesspeople, local personalities, authors, and entertainers, and while some of them may not yet be legendary, all of them are notable for their contributions to the St. Charles community and beyond.

Highlights from the Book


 The foreword is written by Grace Nichols, the first female mayor of St. Charles, Missouri


 Features over 100 notable residents or visitors to St. Charles


 The last chapter is dedicated to those who serve the military and law enforcement, with a focus on the featured officers who have given their lives in service to the town.


 Images donated by the St. Charles County Historical Society as well as local residents.