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Odd Creations from Around the World!

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1.5 Million Books in the world's largest

library in Bejing, China





6000 Year Old Tree in Sengal





Silo Art




The Ultimate BBQ Pit 




Training them young!






Sinkholes are one of the world's scariest natural phenomena. Over time, water erodes the soil under the planet's surface until in some cases, quite suddenly, the land above gives way and collapses into the earth. Many sinkholes occur naturally while others are the result of human intervention. Displacing groundwater can open cavities while broken pipes can erode otherwise stable subterranean sediments. Urban sinkholes, up to hundreds of feet deep have formed and consumed parts of city blocks, sidewalks and even entire buildings.





Castle Rock State Park, Idaho


Could you cut this cake?



The Tree Church



Makes one BIG bottle of wine?




Distinquish Yourself fom the Ordinary




Tree Art




Deluxe Play House




Baobob Tree Flower Blooms Once Every 50 Years





Lovin' the Halloween Creations ...





Critter Fun!




Creativity at the Farm!




Inside the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas








Re-cycled Weed



Spavinaw, Oklahoma