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Pork-Chops - Anyone?

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This is a cute little pig ...killed in Potosi, Mo . They call them Piney Wood Rooter's. This 1,800 lb.+ wild boar was shot and killed in Potosi , Missouri near the county airport, Hwy 8 east, near the community of Mineral Point



These PIGS are growing up rapidly in the US . They've been found all over Georgia , Alabama, Arkansas , Missouri , Florida and other states.

Did you ever wonder what happens to those people that just leave home and disappear but their car is found out on a dirt road?  Between bigfoot and these monsters, I think we might know!

This one was killed by a Medical Radiology worker...

What would you do if this beast was coming at you? Run for dear life?
Climb a tree?
Or simply get run over?

Yep......only in Missouri !  If you are ever confronted by one of these beasts, stand still because their eye sight is poor. By standing still, they may not see/sense you and walk right on by.

And NO you can't outrun them!