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A Preayer Request for Libya

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Hello Friends,

The events of Libya are furiously unfolding and the indiscriminate massacre of the libyan people cannot be ignored much longer.
The protesters are only asking that the foreign countries pressure gaddafi to stop the killing.
This is a call to humanity to stand by their principles of free speech and the right to protest peacefully!
The U.K. News are covering the events, the U.S. not so much but they are starting because they cannot ignore ALL the factual reports they are getting from within Libya. All of Benghazi, men woman and children, including our families are out in the streets facing foreign thugs (paid to kill) with nothing but their bare hands and the will for a FREE LIBYA.  As one protester told the foreign media through a livestream: "I am not afraid to die but I am afraid to
lose the battle". This sentiment is shared by everyone.  Please feel free to spread the word as you see fit and keep the libyan people in your prayers.
Thank you.
Let's not make this another Tianemen square!!!! Please