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St. Louisans Protest UniverSoul Circus

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Christina Tenti and a large coalition of citizens have been protesting a hot and humid 10 day protest at the UniverSoul Circus in Jamestown Mall in St. Louis, MO. Animal Control was called to inspect the animals deteriorating in temperatures that reached over 100 degrees Tuesday. The elephants, camels, zebras, and more have been standing on hot asphalt with little breeze or shade and forced to perform for a total of 27 show in10 days.


These animals are in careless hands:

UniverSoul misleads the public in relation to their animal rights policy that they do not tolerate cruelty. The website states that. “none of our animal vendors have ever been cited for animal abuse while performing at the UniverSoul Circus.” However, Universoul elephant exhibitor Larrry Dean Carden was arrested in February, 2015 in Atlanta after witnesses told Atlanta police that they saw a trainer insert a bullhook into Bo the elephant’s mouth after Bo made a mistake in the show and was too frightened to leave the stage after an hour. Carden, a lifetime abuser and Missouri resident has been given over 36 USDA violations.

UniverSoul MUST take Ringling Brother’s lead by ending the use of elephants and all other wildlife in shows. Animals in circuses are packed into trucks, stand in their own excrement, and travel in extreme weather for 11 months out of the year. They are forced to live in tiny spaces and cages without proper exercise or nutrition. Elephants suffer a lifetime of trauma and arthritis from the abnormal tricks they’re forced to perform through cruel training methods of fear and violence through the bull hook and electric prods. The use of animals in circuses has been banned in at least 30 countries with over 35 partial or full bans on circus animals in municipalities in the US including the recent ban of animals in circuses in San Francisco, CA.

Citizens are urged to attend this important demonstration to end the cruel tradition of wild animals being used in circuses. Christina Tenti states “These animals belong in the wild. They are not here for our entertainment.” Jamestown Mall is located at 175 Jamestown Mall Florissant, MO 63034. The circus runs daily until August 2, 2015 with protests scheduled throughout the event.

Factsheet on Universoul abuse:

For more information on animals in circuses: