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Students Name Former Lutheran School

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The Board of Education voted to name the former Immanuel Lutheran School Building that the District purchased this past spring. The Board chose to name the building "Pearce Hall" after reviewing sumissions from students in the District's Alternative Program. The building is located at 317 W. Pearce Boulevard in Wentzville and is the new site for the Alternative Program, which was previously located in the Harris Building. Pearce Hall has over 25,000 Sq. Ft. of classroom, office and multi-use space, and sits on 3.5 acres. Superintendent Dr. Terry Adams said “We have been the fastest growing school district in the state for the past decade, so out of necessity we are always looking for cost effective ways to expand our facilities. The school is in good condition and is centrally located, and this acquisition will give us the opportunity to move more than 200 alternative school students out of the aging Harris building, which we lease, and into a better learning environment that we now own.”