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Thank you!

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I want to thank you for and interesting ride.  Each time I receive "The Scoop" via e-mail, I go through it front to back (and sideways).  I don't know how I got into the "Scoop" fever, but it somehow hit a fond nerve.

I grew up in a small town in eastern Oregon, MBA from University of Oregon, and accounting careers in Portland, Seattle, Spokane, Louisville.  I still dabble a bit in the "bean counting" area, but now, mostly use my computer as a "private" library.  Of all the areas available to me, the down to earth, home news is the most exciting.

Thank you for your contribution to my enjoyment.  It is a unique experience in this "faster, faster - hurryup, faster", world we live in. (Still want to know how the "sewer fight" is going).