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Thinking Outside of the Box

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I was reminded this week of just how wonderful people who think 'outside the box' truly are! My youngest daughter designed a bedroom that was completely BLACK ... black, walls, black floor tile, black bedding and window covers. It was completely void of any light. She installed black lights in various locations within the room. she also had several aquariums set up within the room - each filled with tree frogs, gechos and even a lizard!

Whenever the lights were off and the black lights on, the 'pets' came to life. Silence and listen -

there was a jungle in my house!


True Story!

Friends and family would come to visit, and the kids would have to begs to get the adults out of the room!


Build it, utilize it ... do NOT put a

TV, computer or cell phone in it

and people will come!



What a Play Pen!







A Wall Clock